EveTools Noise

Brett Eveleigh
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This tool is designed to make adding noise to geometry more simple and straight forward.

Just switch to vertex mode, select the vertices you wish to add noise to and press one of the buttons.


  • Apply noise in X, Y or Z only.
  • Apply in X,Y and Z at once.
  • Apply by the vertex normal direction.
  • Can use object (local) or world space.
  • Tolerance value - This setting is similar to 'soft select', any vertices within the tolerance value distance will be moved as well. This is to help reduce artifacts when applying to denser geometry.
  • Apply either in negative, positive or both directions.


Can be used for commercial use

Tested with Maya 2020.

This script is written in MEL so will work for both regular Maya and Maya LT.

  • A Maya (MEL) script for adding noise to geometry

  • A Maya (MEL) script for adding noise to geometry
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EveTools Noise

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