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Brett Eveleigh
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The principle behind the Modular Toolkit is to provide instance like options to Maya since there are problems with using instancing in Maya. The tool goes beyond simply instance functionality though.

Using groups the tool allows you to update as many objects as you like with one mesh. With the group naming feature these objects do not have to be in the same group.

The tagging functions allow you to tag an object to be flipped or to offset the UVs when updating objects. This is especially useful when baking mirrored or repeated geometry.




I am very proud of what I've achieved with this tool but will no longer be updating it primarily because I'm moving away from Maya.
There are some issues with this script that will most likely not be resolved, because of this I have made it free. These issues are all related to the flipping functionality, if that is not something you need then it should work correctly.

Can be used for commercial use

Tested with Maya 2020.

This script is written in MEL so will work for both regular Maya and Maya LT.

  • A script for providing instance like functionality.

  • A script for providing instance like functionality.
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EveTools Modkit

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