EveTools Renamer

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This tool is designed to make renaming simple but also to provide powerful tools to speed up your workflow.


  • Prefix and Suffix presets for those working with baking assets.
  • Copy name and automatically separate prefix and suffix if it matches either the presets or the text in the input fields for prefix or suffix.
  • Delete Prefix or suffix, also automatically recognize based on presets or inputs.
  • Set the prefix or suffix for the whole group or set those and the base name at once.
  • Change selection to either the group or all objects within it, to speed up using the group functions.
  • Set all objects in the group to be the same as the group name.
  • Find and replace text in the name, with option to either replace only separate parts or any instance.
  • Quickly check that your baking naming is correct by selecting objects that match the prefix or suffix.
  • Letter name endings instead of numbers.
  • Split into collapsible sections so you can hide any part you don't need at the moment and preserve valuable screen real-estate.

Can be used for commercial use.


Tested with Maya 2020.

This script is written in Python so will not work for Maya LT.


This script can work with Maya 2022 but will not currently work in Maya 2022 out of the box. The issue is that Maya 2022 uses python 3 and this script was written in python 2, here is instructions on how to use scripts using python 2 in Maya 2022: https://matiascodesal.com/blog/how-to-launch-maya-2022-with-python-2-if-you-are-not-ready-for-python-3/

I intend to update it to work with Python 3 so it will work without any additional action at a later date.

I want this!

EveTools Renamer

0 ratings
I want this!